Collecting export content from multiple frontends

biExport has been designed as an export platform, which is future proof and provides exporting features for a great variety of (SAP) frontends:

  • SAP BW
  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP Webi
  • SAP Analytics Cloud

With the help of the platform approach, we are able to provide you the same export features for all of the frontends.

From now on it is also possible to export a document that contains elements from various sources, so e.g. SAP SAC and SAP Lumira!

Multi Source Scheduler

For this, we have created a new web UI in addition to the source-specific sacscheduler.html, lumirascheduler.html and webischeduler.html.

The new UI can be accessed via [your_hostname]/export_resources/scheduler.html.

The Scheduler UI looks and works the same as the other UIs, with only two differences:

  1. the Connection dropdown on the third tab is not anymore restricted to a specific frontend:
  2. there is the additional function to create multiple source Application tabs:
To see a Connection in the dropdown, you must have created a Connection Template in the Web Configurator. The setup is described in detail in the Installation Steps for SAC and Installation Steps for SAP Business Objects.


In the following example document is created from SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Lumira and SAP Webi at the same time! For this, we add two more Application tabs, in addition to the one shown above:

To find out the CUID of a Lumira or Webi document, you can access its Porperties in the BI Launchpad:

This is how the Source Applications look like:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP Lumira Designer
  • SAP Webi

biExport creates the following document from the schedule:

In order to place a single chart from each source application on the same slide, we have used an Export Template with specific placeholders:

How to determine the specific placeholders is described in detail in the biExport documentation for each Source Application.
Thilo Knötzele
Author: Thilo Knötzele
Creation date: 30.11.2022
Category: Feature Overview
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