New biExport Release 2020.06

The new biExport release 2020.06 is available for download!

New version numbers

With this version, we have introduced changed version numbers: The version of all our products will now follow the noteation year.month of the release.

This makes it easier for you to see in which month a version has been released and which versions of frontend components, server and addons work together.   

Version Dependencies

This makes it easier for you to see in which month a version has been released and which versions of frontend components, server and addons work together:

  • biExport Frontend Component 2020.06
  • biExport Service Plugin 2020.06
  • open bi 3.4.0 or higher   

Included enhancements

The following enhancements and bugfixes have been implemented in 2020.06 (compared to the last version 2.9.3).

Also check the post Updating Template Manager & Scheduler UIs in case you are using these UIs.

Core Enhancements

  • Read openbi server product version
  • New server setting to only send trace mails on ERROR and/or BATCH_JOB
  • Support CEFSHARP version 79.1.360
  • Batch Job Information in EXPORT_TRACE_MAIL
  • show indent for hierarchies in native PowerPoint tables
  • Refactor broken biAnalytics document support for PowerPoint Export
  • New product version x.x.x.x-ci-zzzz
  • Register component waiter earlier to be avaiable when the first page script runs
  • Word Template Placeholders are sometimes incorrectly parsed with 2.9.3
  • CONTENT placeholder: Support export of child and parent element at the same time
  • make sure placeholder is always deleted in biAnalytics document mode

Lumira Designer Export 

  • BI Suite freezing when export component publishing mode set to ONLINE
  • Support editable export for Spreadsheet Component
  • New script methods to create URL parameter lists
  • Refine evaluation message when exporting against biExport Cloud Service
  • Support expanding FEEDLISTs with more then one "MORE" element
  • Export of IMAGE components with svg source fails
  • CROSSTAB with horizontal scrollbars shows too small columns - solve with "{width}" addition to placeholder
  • Scorecard: always delete vertical / horizontal scrollbars in direct export

SAP Analytics Cloud Export

  • Make background execution work again with newest SAC Update
  • Support Widget Selection for complex applications with 100+ widgets
  • Support sufffixed VALUE and TEXT for Text, Input Box and Dropdownbox
  • Enhance scripts for complex URL parameter scenarios (aka "dependent iterations")
  • support custom texts
  • New biNotification Widget to send (eMail) notifications
  • New biUpload widget to upload files and return a link
  • add getMessages method to retrieve service messages
  • support free ordering of setters in same script as doExport
  • sequence of method calls shall be kept (not granted with SAP standard setters!)

SAP BW Export - CSV Downloader

  • support XL Long Texts for characteristics
  • CSV file contains a number of tabs at the end of each line

biAnalytics Export

  • Send Trace Mail when iterations fail in biAnalytics
Bastian Buchholz
Author: Bastian Buchholz
Creation date: 25.06.2020
Category: Release Notes
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