New biExport Release 2021.01

The new biExport release 2021.01 is available for download!

Version Dependencies

  • biExport Frontend Component 2021.01
  • biExport Service Plugin 2021.01
  • open bi 3.4.0 or higher

Included enhancements

This release contains major enhancements in the following areas:

  • Lumira Designer: support new CHROME version
  • Lumira Designer: export of hierarchies
  • Export Templates & placeholders

The following detailed list shows all enhancements and bugfixes that have been implemented in 2021.01. Also check the post New biExport release 2020.10 to see the change list for the prior version.


  • Excel: Elements exported as Images may be distorted
  • Excel table export ensures header text is not wrongly wrapped
  • Export to Power Point: [px] placeholder not working correctly & performance
  • Make sure unsplit table is shown on one page with "Optimize Height" for PDF Section
  • Export PDF: Ensure graphs do not overlap
  • Support placeholders in filepath in publish mode FILE


  • Add EXPORT_BO_BROWSER_ARGS so cefsharp command line arguments can be customized
  • Support calculated url parameters


  • Issue with new "inset" CSS property which Lumira uses for Chrome >= 87
  • biExport Sapportal Auth SAML2 anstatt SPNEGO
  • Unable to export using alternative export application after clearing export views
  • support special characters in URL parameters
  • Background execution fails with language zh-CN

Lumira Designer - EXPORT TEMPLATES

  • CROSSTAB / Exporttable with column scrollbar to PDF: automatically adjust widths of partly displayed columns
  • Images not exporting for Display Mode CONTAIN
  • support hierarchical conditional formatting in export table
  • show CROSSTAB's hierarchy icons in PDF: SAP-icons font must be installed on biExport server
  • support toggling hierarchy icon on / off via Export Table property
  • show hierarchy indent only in first column of a dimension (key & text display)

SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Hide in the export completely columns that are defined with a width of less than 5px
Bastian Buchholz
Author: Bastian Buchholz
Creation date: 12.01.2021
Category: Release Notes
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